Michael S, Age 42

I can honestly say Yvonne has changed my life…my PTSD has been addressed and life is exponentially better because of my therapy.
I have never felt happier and more at peace in my life. But, it’s ugly at the beginning because you have to deal with shit that you have buried and you have to talk about things and address things that you have buried or pushed aside, but you push through and it’s amazing on the other side

Irma M, Age 53

When my family and I were first referred to a counselor I have to admit that we were terrified because we didn’t know what was to be expected. The experience that my daughter, grandchildren and I had been through was pretty serious and heartbreaking. When we started seeing miss Yvonne she made it so easy for my family and I to be able to talk about our issues. Miss tejeda helped our family to heal the wounds to forgive and to go forward for new experiences. She made it so easy for us to talk to her. She has a very tender, calm and trusting voice. She treated my family and I with so much respect, compassion and you can tell that she cared about us. She helped us with our group sessions and individual sessions. The kids were so open to talk to her because of the way she conducted herself with us. Now we are in the reunification level because of her help and because she didn’t give up on us.. I would recommend her to any child, adult, or grandparents. She truly is an amazing person.We are almost done with our CPS case and we are continuing to see Ms. Tejeda. Thank you Yvonne for believing that our family was worth caring about and believing that we should be together as a family once again.

Angela F, Age 38

Yvonne Tejeda has been wonderful. We have noticed a tremendous improvement in our teen and our family has greatly benefited from her expertise.

Briasias M, Age 14

Since beginning counseling with Yvonne, I have become more calm both mentally and emotionally. I have more confidence in myself, I love all parts of me, and I’m more expressive and creative than ever before!

Ciersten L, Age 19

Counseling with Yvonne has been relieving and helpful with my mind and thoughts.

Valerie D, Age 34

I highly recommend Yvonne. She has truly gone above and beyond to help me and my family. I am very grateful for her professional services.

Isabella C, Age 18

Counseling with Ms Yvonne has been helping me heal from past experiences while also helping me to learn and love myself more.

Jessica G, Age 27

The services that Yvonne Tejeda provides are life-transforming. I was able to move on from my traumas and lead a successful life. She inspired me to seek the same path of psychology and hopefully impact someone else’s life as she did mine.

Lauren O, Age 15

Ms Yvonne is very calming and reassuring, and I feel relaxed during our meetings. Since the beginning of me seeing her, I’ve begun to notice improvement in myself, and others have as well. Her kindness and professionalism is very apparent and appreciated. I enjoy seeing her, and I look forward to our meetings in the hope of continuing to improve.

Geronimo T, Age 17

My experience with Yvonne has been great. She is caring and has helped me with my anxiety problems. You can talk to her about anything without feeling judged. She Gave me great advice and techniques to help cope with my anxiety.

Josh R., Age 43

I found Yvonne at a very dark and ugly time in my life. Divorce after 15 yrs, fighting my ex-wife to see my kids, and trying to grow my business among other things. I am extremely private and closed off from talking about, expressing, or sharing my feelings with anyone. From Day 1, her ability to ask questions and provide insight helped me see sparks of light and the ability to take another step. Fast forward several months of weekly sessions…I have a great relationship with my children, I have found a way to work with my ex-wife, and my business is flourishing. I’m not advocating that Yvonne can do miracles but I can 100% say I would not be in the positive position I am in without her. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for someone to help you through whatever it is you’re going through. Forever grateful….