Mindfulness meditation

What would it feel like to instantly transport yourself to a mental, emotional and physical state of total peace, joy, and gratitude? What if you were told it was possible? And, more importantly, what if I told you the power lies within you?! And at any moment, as simple as pushing a button, you can switch from experiencing adverse feelings of stress, discomfort, or other negative emotions or body sensations, to feelings of relief, relaxation, bliss, and joy…Curious yet? Mindfulness meditation is the answer. Every single person, this includes you, holds within them the innate knowledge and abilities to harness this power.

Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful practice, that when learned properly, gives you the tools to navigate thoughts, sensations, and emotions, while remaining in the present time. Learning proper breathing and how breath connects you to body awareness, is an essential component to living in the present, whereby finding your higher consciousness. When we live consciously in the present, we live true to ourselves, expressing our fullest potential through creativity, higher thinking, increased energy and vitality, and living a purposeful life.

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